Skin Type: all skin types, particularly sensitive skin
Concerns: dehydration, anti-aging, dark spots, uneven or dull skin

Skin Type: all skin types, particularly combination to oily skin, acne prone skin
Concerns: anti-aging, acne, dark spots or hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone 
Benefits: aid in skin elasticity, reduce scarring, powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory for congested or acne prone skin, reduct wrinkles

Skin Type: all skin types, particularly sensitive and/or dull skin
Concern: dehydration, anti-aging, acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, inflammation
Benefits: aid in reducing inflammation of sensitive skin and relief from common skin irritants, moisturizing agent that combats wrinkles, promotes the development of skin cells. 

Skin Type: all skin types, particularly dry skin and skin prone to hyperpigmentation
Concern: anti-aging, skin congestion, dark spots, uneven skin tone
Benefits: balances skin's natural oil production, increases skin elasticity and blood circulation, increases moisture retention and plumps the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines.